At Touchcard we can send a one-off postcard campaign to your existing customers. All we need is a postcard design and a CSV export from your Shopify store. We can even help you with the postcard — simply try one of our templates or contact us for help.

Please note: Our one-off campaigns have a minimum order quantity of 200 postcards. That’s because they’re a manual processes and we take a lot of care to do them right.

Getting Started

To get started we require

  1. A Postcard Design
  2. A Customer List Export from your Shopify Admin Panel

Postcard Design

One-off campaigns typically use a single coupon. If you want to include a discount coupon or gift voucher with your campaign please create it in the Shopify Admin panel and include it on your postcard design. If you need help or have special requirements, such as unique coupon codes, please get in touch.

Customer List Export

For this we need a CSV customer list from your Shopify Admin panel. This CSV should include the following headings. A standard export from your Shopify Admin panel should already have all of these.

First Name, Last Name, Address1, Address2, City,
Province Code, Zip, Country Code, Email

Here’s how to export a Customer List from Shopify to use for a Touchcard campaign.

1. Go to the Shopify Admin Panel for your store.

2. Click on the Customers menu on the left.

Customers Menu in Shopify Admin Panel

3. [Optional] Click on Filter Customers

Shopify Admin Filter Customers

Here you can choose to target your customers based on a number of filters provided by Shopify. What filters to choose depends a lot on your shop, but a common rule of thumb for customer value is RFM:

  • Recency – How recently did the customer purchase?
  • Frequency – How often do they purchase?
  • Monetary Value – How much do they spend?

For example, an effective loyalty campaign we have sent in the past selected all customers who purchased in the last year and spent at least $100. To do this you would create one filter for [placed an order] / [in the last year] and another filter for [money spent] / [greater than $100].

4. Export the list

Once you have selected your desired customer segment,click on the […] button on the top right (next to the [Add Customer] button). Then click on the [Export] menu.

Shopify Admin Export Customers

Shopify Admin Export Customers Continued

Once you’re done just drop us a line with the CSV and we’ll take it from there!