Postcard Marketing for Ecommerce

Build your brand and improve your sales with automated, high-converting physical postcards!


We automatically print and mail postcards with expiring coupons to new customers.

Customers get your postcard right in their hands while emails are ignored.


You get a second purchase from a delighted customer who's now a repeat buyer.

  • Punch Above Your Weight

    Easily send real, physical mail like the big brands.

  • Beat Their Crowded Inbox

    Increase engagement and revenue by going straight into their hands

  • Connect with Touch

    Physical touch connects your brand with your customers' emotions on a deeper level.

We are extremely happy with the returns we are getting with the post cards. It works great - Highly Recommended!Clawhammer Supply


How does it work?

Easy. We reserve you a monthly allowance of postcards at $0.99 each.

Send up to:


50 per month


200 per month


500 per month


Generated over $10,000 in sales for us. Touchcard is a great app and allows you to build a personal relationship with your customers while also increasing loyalty. We spent a lot of time going back and fourth with the team and they were super responsive! Touchcard really wants you to have the best campaign possible. Totally worth the $$$ and we'll be using them for the long run!!!Natural Stacks

Multiply your marketing with Touchcard.

We're helping select Shopify stores with a free consultation and card design.

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